photograph of specialist cake creator

Terry Wilson

Hi, my name is Terry, and I am the  cake artist at Sugar Eccentric.

As a trained artist and muralist my approach to cake making has always been slightly unusual; I am not deterred by the seeming ‘limitations’ of sculpting in soft sponge cake, I simply find a suitable substance in which to encase my sponge… sometimes a beautiful dark chocolate ganache, or a chocolate shell.  As the ganache sets I am able to sculpt it, and once it is hard I can carve it to create hard edges and details. And inside, the sponge stays wonderfully soft and moist.

When it comes to colour my background in painting and ‘faux paint effects’ has helped me enormously. I can re create, on sugar, the look of an old tin bucket, a glossy, handpainted porcelain vase, worn leather binding, floral fabric patterns, and many other effects.

I work with my husband, a sculptor, and my daughter, a chocolatier.
Together we are Sugar Eccentric!